But Whenever Monday Comes…

Posted by Sylvia

I weighed myself on Saturday and the Wii thinks I lost 1.1 kilos. That would be nice! I’ll do my official weigh-in tomorrow.

Breakfast: 3 coffees with milk. I was slow to wake up.

I attempted to make a quick tart from puff pastry that I bought over the weekend but didn’t use. The pastry wasn’t very nice – it was cracking as soon as I unrolled it and didn’t seem very soft. I suspected the tart would end up rather dry as I was putting it together – and I was right.

Tart 200g onions 80
Puff pastry 376cal/100g 864
100g oyster mushrooms 43
100g Philadelphia Light 154
1 teaspoon oil 41
10g butter 71
200g button mushrooms 44
Total for four portions 1,297

1 portion of pie: 325 cal
120g tomato with vinegar: 30 cal

After eating this I was still very hungry. It was nice to have something different but I don’t think this will end up on my standard rotation. Cliff was pretty unimpressed with it in general (“Is this supposed to be a pizza made of puff pastry or what?”) I’m not sure how the other half of the pie will taste when cold. As a result, I came very close to simply serving the whole thing (to keep it from going to waste, especially as we were still hungry) and saying to hell with the calories. This is a temptation I can live without, so in future I’ll make sure I’m either making the correct amount for the meal or that I’m secure that it will freeze well.

200g beef 484
400g potato, peeled 316
Beef Broth 50
100g mushrooms 40
100g celery 16
100g courgette 16
Total for Two Portions 922

We had braised brisket over the weekend. I took the left-overs and removed all the fat from the liquid and shredded the meat. It should be pretty much fat-free at this point but I used the figure for lean brisket trimmed to 1/4 inch of fat, just in case.

I did 15 minutes with Maya at the last minute (just before dinner), having taken the weekend off (although I walked to the market and back on Saturday).

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Breakfast 3 coffees with milk 90
Sub-total 90
Lunch Mushroom tart 325
Tomato salad 30
Sub-total 355
Dinner Leftover Beef Soup 461
Sub-total 461
Snack celery 5
Options Hot Chocolate 40
Sub-total 45
Total 951

I felt hungry and unhappy before bed. Cliff had about 100g of pickled cauliflower as a snack after dinner. All in all, I think I’m sticking to my theory that I need 1,000 calories/day as a minimum.


6 thoughts on “But Whenever Monday Comes…

  1. Well done on your total and resolve.

    Yesterday was also a day for me that I seemed constantly hungry. It’s very disconcerting.

    In today’s grocery order, I’m getting more tinned plum tomatoes as a whole tin cooked with capers, garlic and basil is filling but low in cals.

  2. Cliff hates tinned tomatoes, else I’d be making lots of pasta in sauce! :)

    I’ve felt very fragile today – slightly depressed, unhappy at not being able to get things done, felt like bursting into tears at once point for no rational reason. It’s passed again now but I don’t think it’s food related after all. Maybe just simply that I have a personal project that I’m not managing to make any progress on (I wanted it complete by the end of the month which is clearly not going to happen), I’m not sure.

  3. Now this is weird and likely just a coincidence but I’ve been feeling emotional today – high then low back again. I figured it was just hormones.

    Anyway, I know I subconsciously punish(ed) myself by over-eating: doing something that ultimately makes me feel crap about myself. But it usually takes a while to recognise the motivation.


  4. How odd – there must be something in the air! Mind you, I’m still waiting for my high (I am feeling stable again though so I’m not complaining).

    Tomorrow I really want to get a lot done so cross fingers for me please!

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