Looking for Food in All the Wrong Places

Posted by Sylvia

Somehow the calorie counting went very wrong today!

I started the morning in a funny mood – Paola said she felt the same. It sounds like there must be something in the air! Instead of my 15 minutes with Maya I walked down to the village to the bank and the shops and back up the hill. While I was down there, I bought some nice mixed lettuce and a new no-fat salad dressing to make for lunch. I bought cabbage for Cliff and gave him extra since he wasn’t having dressing nor cheese. I might have overdone it:

Cliff Lunch:
2 Eggs @70: 140
400g Cabbage@25: 100
200g carrot@41: 82
Total: 322 calories

Sylvia Lunch:
2 eggs at 70: 140
salad: 19
dressing: 49
yogurt: 6
40g tomato: 7
cheese: 35
Total: 256

He said he would have been happy with half as much of the cabbage and carrot. Eventually I’ll get the greens and egg lunch down perfect :P

Then I made this “Thai Jungle Curry” for dinner.

238g pork 345
144g chopped onion 57
233g mixed veg 95
150g eggplant 36
Red curry paste 50
Four Portions 583

It seemed like it was going to be a lot of calories so I increased the amount of vegetables so that it would be enough for four portions – two for today and two for freezing. I served based on this and it looked like about the right amount. It wasn’t until we finished eating that I totalled up the calories.

I couldn’t believe I’d only had 600 calories all day. I still don’t think my mood was caused by hunger but I also felt like a lie-down this afternoon and I’ve been a bit low energy – so it seemed sensible to have something more. I’m not trying to starve myself !

I had greek yogurt in the fridge and remembered that I’d been fancying yogurt with muesli lately – perfect small meal!

Actually, it was a little bit depressing to realise that that little bowl of food was almost as much calories as my entire dinner! But I very much enjoyed it so I don’t think I did the wrong thing. It was a very nice treat (and no guilt attached!)

Breakfast 2 Coffees with Milk 60
Sub-total 60
Lunch 2 soft-boiled eggs 140
Salad 19
Dressing 49
Yogurt 6
40g tomato 7
slice of cheese 35
Sub-total 256
Dinner Rice 226
Pork Curry 145
Sub-total 371
Snack Yogurt 150
50g Muesli 150
1 teaspoon honey 21
Sub-total 321
Nightcap 1 glass wine 100
Sub-total 100
Total Calories 1,108

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