Red, Red Wine

Posted by Sylvia

Interesting, today’s weigh in was 80.5 – .5 of a kilo down. Realistically, this looks to me like the .3 that appeared yesterday has disappeared again. I’m weighing myself daily until the end of the month to see how if affects my motivation (ooooh, could I get down to 79 by the 29th maybe after all?) and also to try to see if I can work out the pattern during the week (low point Friday or Saturday, high point Monday or Tuesday – so maybe I should always weigh on a Wednesday? Am I seeing weight gain from the weekends off or holding steady?)

I did not feel hungry when I got up today – no doubt thanks to my muesli and yoghurt dessert last night!

coffee: 60

Vegetables 110g asparagus 22
100g courgette 16
100g red onion 40
85g chard 16
225g mushrooms 50
Sub-total 144
Eggs 6 large eggs 429
Sub-total 429
Fat Low Cal Cream Cheese 154/100g 77
25g butter 180
2 slices cheese 70
Sub-total 327
Total Omelette 900

When it was finished, it looked like a lot of food. I started to cut it into quarters so that the portions would be smaller. Then I thought about yesterday and changed my mind and tried to go for thirds. Then I started fretting that it was getting cold and I was messing about and in the end I just served “most of it” leaving a small portion in the pan. I don’t have a total weight so it’s all a bit of a nonsense. I’m going to say we ate 90% of the omelette so total 810 calories so 405 calories each (instead of 450 – that really wasn’t worth the faffing!) and try to be more organised for the rest of the week.

We had really nice potatoes and I couldn’t resist baking them, even though I knew the butter wasn’t a good use of calories. I added it all up ahead of time to make sure that I kept it under 600.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Breakfast Coffee 60
Sub-total 60
Lunch Slightly less than half an omelette 405
Sub-total 405
Dinner Baked Potato 168
Steak 314
10g butter 70
Sub-total 552
Nightcap 1 glass wine 100
Sub-total 100
Total 1,117

I probably should have passed on the wine. I have fruity water that I was going to have instead of a glass of wine but then I had a real “But I don’t WANNA” moment and had a glass of red wine after all.

I was the last one up and considered briefly whether I should have one more small glass but the fact that I would have to confess it stopped me.


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