Day 505: Depressed

Posted by Paola

12:15pm Cheese salad sandwich + peach + tangerine + coffee w/cream

1:45pm Veg, tomato and bean salad with Crackerbread w/spread + squash

2pm Bran flakes with sultanas, seeds, yoghurt and fake sugar

2:25pm Biscuits + milk


Followed by 2 x Bourbons and then 1 more.

6:10pm Pasta with sweetcorn, hotdogs, spinach, cheese and yoghurt + squash

6:20pm 3 x Ginger Nut biscuits + plum + coffee w/cream

9pm Yoghurt with peanut butter, sultana, seeds and Ginger Nut biscuit

9:15pm Veg, tomato and bean soup with Crackbreads w/spread + coffee w/cream

+ chocolate brioche + apple

10:40pm Custard Creams + port


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