End of Week 8

Posted by Sylvia

Friday Morning Weigh-in: 80.4

That’s a +.2 from Thursday – eeek!

Cliff also saw a slight blip up. As we’ve both been very good, I’m not sure what to make of it.

I took an hour’s walk today, down to the beach and back. It helped to clear my head but my calves and ankles ached all weekend!

Breakfast: 60

240g potato 185
90g onion 36
1 tbsn oil 120
6 eggs 420
220g tomato 35
2 portions 796

Lunch: Potato Mamoosa 400 calories

I made dinner rather quickly and so was not very exact – but it was one chicken breast plus veg in the skewers and 60g rice each with some lettuce leaves so it’s not exactly complicated. I guessed the vegetables high so as to be safe.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Breakfast 2 Coffees with Milk 60
Sub-total 60
Lunch Potato Mamoosa 400
Sub-total 400
Dinner Chicken Breast 190
Vegetables 100
Rice 155
Sub-total 445
Nightcap 1 glass wine 100
Sub-total 100
Total 1,005

Saturday and Sunday are off days and although Saturday was pretty restrained (chicken legs in sauce with veg and potatos for lunch and roasted duck with noodle stir-fry for dinner) I went a bit crazy in the middle of the night and ate the last of the Christmas chocolate and then made a HUGE batch of popcorn with melted butter. Then I drank wine and watched old sitcoms until almost 5am. It seemed sensible at the time.

I’m feeling a bit rough today and the food was very carb-heavy which I’ve noticed is my general reaction to a hangover.

I’m stressed out in advance about next week which will be very busy and then we are going to Germany on Friday morning so need to get packed and organised for that as well. And then there’s the slight issue that my passport is out of date. ARGH

But still planning to diet Mon-Thurs and still would like to at least get to 79.* kilos before we leave.


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