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I’ll be out of the country until Tuesday so I won’t be posting for a few days.

Wednesday Food:

Breakfast: 2 milky coffees 60 calories

Quick Lamb Biriani

453g lamb 602
1 tablespoon olive oil 120
200g onion 80
270g rice 700
Stock 20
Vegetables 20
Total Calories 1,542

Total calories: 1542
Total weight: 1220g

Lunch: 529 calories
This was a nice meal – Cliff actually accused me of giving up on the diet early when I served it! The vegetables keep you from noticing that it isn’t much rice and it’s the type of dish where you don’t expect a lot of meat. I’ll definitely make this again.

Dinner: unknown

We went to the Japanese where I had tuna sashimi to start and then a small noodle dish as a main course. We decided that we would have a drink (no drinking tonight as we’re flying tomorrow!) and I had a beer, a fair amount of sake, and then at home I had rum with apple liqueur. Feeling just a weeeee bit rough today.

Thursday Food:

Not dieting today as we’ll be without food most of tomorrow – last time I made the mistake of keeping the diet going until the night before and I ended up feeling dizzy and unhappy in the plane (luckily it wasn’t me flying!).

So I made a “low cal” lunch (Chicken and onion kebab with about 400g of chicken split between three people and iceberg lettuce and pasta with corn and peas and leeks missed in and tossed in asparagus sauce) but didn’t actually bother with the calorie counting to save time. Then for dinner I made meatloaf and garlic mashed potatoes with a little bit of butter and a big spoonful of light cream cheese – which tasted surprisingly good. Normally I’d do a lot of butter and sour cream but between the garlic and the cream cheese it tasted pretty rich without actually being a lot of calories.

For tomorrow, we have sandwiches and hard-boiled eggs as a picnic lunch for our fuel stop in Périgueux and then restaurant meals from there on out.

See you next week!


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