Halfway House

Posted by Sylvia

This week is a bit odd. We were away for most of it and committed to going out Thursday night so it wasn’t really going to work as an under-1200 day. On the other hand, I didn’t want to simply say “Start the diet next week then” especially as we have guests next week and will be having people for dinner etc.

So in the end I decided to treat the meals as normal weekday meals (500 or less) and not worry about the total count.

Coffee with milk: 60
Chicken Noodle Miso soup: 280

Although the soup was surprisingly filling, I was very hungry by the time it was dinner time.

330g lean lamb 471.9
120g rice 310
Courgette 20
2 small onions 40
1/2 lime 10
Iceberg 20
Two Portions 871.9

Lamb & lime kebabs with rice: 435

And then we drank beer. On the bright side, the low calorie count I think actually limited the amount of beer we were able to ingest. :P


4 thoughts on “Halfway House

  1. “Although the soup was surprisingly filling, I was very hungry by the time it was dinner time.”

    This effect is explained in the “10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight” TV programme. It’s about the rate that food is absorbed from the stomach.

    They said that you get hunger pangs when the stomach is small in size from not being filled with food.

    Two groups of people were given the same food – chicken curry with rice and a glass of water. But one group ate it as is, the other group’s food AND water was liquidised and served as a ‘thick soup’.

    After eating, scans showed both groups’ stomachs similarly full. After several hours though, the solid+liquid groups’ stomachs was a third of the size whilst the pureed groups’ stomachs were still mostly full.

    This is because, in the first group, the water was quickly absorbed, leaving the much smaller volume of solid food. Whereas the ‘thick soup’ (pureed) took a lot longer to be absorbed and so stayed in the stomach longer.

    Your chicken soup would therefore have been immediately filling but the liquid broth would have been quickly absorbed, leaving the few solids left in a much smaller stomach.

    The principle seems to be to have at least SOME pureed element to one’s food so that it’s not just solids + drinks.

    Easy when considering soups – I just made my normal tomato, carrot and bean soup but liquidised it. Figuring out how to have pureed elements in other meals will be a challenge.

  2. It’s about the rate that food is absorbed from the stomach.

    And the fact that it was only 280 calories in total! I was much more surprised that it seemed filling at lunch time for a meal with so little to it.

    Having said that, the results of that is interesting and probably explains why people on the Cambridge Diets say they don’t feel hungry – they are getting everything as puree.

    I wonder if this also explains why the rice dishes I’ve been experimenting with (lamb biriani last week, a low-cal paella this week) seem so filling, because the liquid is absorbed into the rice and so the whole thing is more like a puree.

  3. But today my one-data-point experiment didn’t work. I liquidised my soup of tinned tomatoes, carrots and red kidney beans but was proper hungry again just one hour after eating a bowl of it.

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