With hindsight

Posted by Paola

I’ve just added the backlog of my food diaries for May and June and it has been a shock going through all the photos.

I’ve been knowingly over-eating and bingeing the last few weeks – it came to a head a couple of days ago – but, until I saw the photos, I hadn’t realised just HOW MUCH I have been eating.

I’m ashamed and embarrassed but this is what this blog is for. I need to post my food diaries daily to stop things getting out of hand.

I have no explanation of why I am over-eating again. I can only say that I am going through the same thought processes and irrational rationalisations that I had pre-diet – that, dammit, I WILL have that extra portion, or more biscuits, and, now that I’ve started having more, WHY STOP NOW?

But I’ve put on 7 lbs since my hitting my lightest weight; going back to how things were is not an option.

My new (old) resolutions:

  • back to smaller bowls
  • don’t pre-select fruit with brunch sandwich unless still hungry after 15 mins
  • buy chewing gum for urges of something sweet
  • one fruit at a time
  • omit cheddar cheese from brunch sandwiches
  • stop adding fruit juice to squash
  • no biscuits or cakes except at the Cake Club where I’ll only have one non-large slice
  • drink more
  • ration sultanas & seeds
  • eat more salads now that it’s warm again
  • no immediate seconds – wait at least 30 mins before eating again
  • don’t let visitors leave behind cakes and cream

The good thing has been that I’ve started going for brisk one-hour walks with a friend. We go about twice a week and have been out 3-4 times so far. I am going to try to arrange walks on the other days with other people. I like walking with people I can chat with. I hate walking (for exercise) alone.


One thought on “With hindsight

  1. When you originally said you had all the photos and wanted to get caught up on them, I thought “that sounds like a lot of work for not very much gain” but now I can see you were right, as it gives you a clear history. Flicking through previous photos and this set, the increase in “treat foods” and even just photos per day (this will be the seconds, I think) is quite visible.

    dammit, I WILL have that extra portion, or more biscuits, and, now that I’ve started having more, WHY STOP NOW?

    I definitely struggle with this one. :(

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