Day 520: I’m a Moogle

Posted by Paola

2pm Veg burger sandwich with sun-dried tomatoes, capers and condiments

Very hungry – determined to eat slowly.

2:25pm Frozen yoghurt fruit lolly

Quite hungry still.

5:20pm Curried veg, tomato and bean soup with chickpeas and Crackerbreads w/spread + water

+ frozen yoghurt fruit lolly

6:40pm Savoy cabbage and chickpeas with horseradish sauce,  mayo and olive oil

9:10pm Tinned spaghetti with ketchup and Crackerbreads w/spread

9:50pm Bran flakes and pumpkin seeds with milk

Hungry again. I weighed it out this time. *tappity tap* 230 calories. A piece of fruit would have been better but we’re all out.

1 small serving calories protein carbs fat fibre
50ml semi-skimmed milk 19 1.3 1.9 0.7 0.0
16g pumpkin seeds 94 4.6 2.4 7.3 0.8
35g bran flakes 117 3.6 23.5 0.8 4.9
Total 230 9 28 9 6

00:20am Hot chocolate

Hungry and cold but knowing I’d eaten enough already.


4 thoughts on “Day 520: I’m a Moogle

  1. Do you regularly eat breakfast? Since I started my food revolution I can hardly get by without it.

  2. I don’t skip breakfast (the meal eaten within a couple of hours of getting up). I’m very rarely hungry when I wake up, regardless of how hungry I am when I go to bed.

    On this diary day, I ate at 2pm because I was up till 4am on Second Life the night before and got up after midday, I think.

    I wake up, check messages on my computer, shower, dress and then eat – usually a sandwich nowadays. I would like to have a bowl or porridge or cereal but they just have too many calories.

    What is your food revolution?

  3. I tried to massively reduce the amount of rubbish I was eating and my alcohol intake. I was pretty much alcoholic and addicted to crisps and ready meals. I keep a food blog at – I’m a few days behind updating up and losing my way on the diet somewhat. I’ve lost three-quarters of a stone since I started – country walking between ten and twenty miles a week helps!

    I’ve been following your blog for a while. Good stuff!

  4. Noel, you’re very welcome to write here if it helps – I’ve added you as a Author to the Food Confessional. I’ve found I do better when I know that people are actually reading and you might find the same.

    Please read da roolz, which I’ve just updated.

    Congrats on your weight loss so far. I’m also impressed you’re walking a lot. I chose to strictly limit calories than do any exercise to which I have a mental block.

    Having read a few of your posts on your blog my main advice is 1) try to exert control when shopping so that you don’t have chocolates and crisps in the house, calling to you, 2) only buy Quavers – they’re the lowest-calorie crisps at 87 calories a bag.

    I sympathise with your addiction to crisps (and having an addictive personally). I too like crunchy salty things. I now get salt from pulverised sun-dried tomatoes and crunch from Finn Crisps (40 cals each) and Crackerbreads (20 cals each). I also have a lot of condiments, such as pickles and relishes and find that these help satisfy my urge for strong flavours.

    Ready meals and crisps will have a lot of salt. Do you think that they just balanced out the booze and are now part of a habit?

    Have you seen your GP about your blood pressure? Or asked for advice to manage your addictions generally? I was very skeptical about hypnotism but read a great article in Scientific American a few years ago and now think it’d be a tool worth considering for changing addictive behaviours.

    Finally, it’s worth noting that sugar affects the body by creating a craving for more of the same immediately. Sure, have the occasional treat but you’ll hopefully find, as I did, that there is a sense of satisfaction in resisting the cravings for more. I’ve certainly found that now that I’ve stopped bingeing and back on my diet.

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