Day 521: Parish walk

Posted by Paola

1:40pm Bread with cottage cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and olive-oil

Grabbed before leaving for the afternoon Parish walk.

3:30pm Tea + 2 x Custard Cream biscuits

Half-way point of the 3.5 mile brisk walk with 30 locals.

5:50pm Cous cous with tomatoes, hotdog and capers

Very hungry and wanting something filling. I put about an inch of dried cous cous at the bottom of the bowl and meanwhile cooked a tin of tomatoes with a frozen veg frankfurter, basil, capers and extra virgin olive oil.

+ remaining tomatoes

7:45pm Curried veg, tomato and bean soup + tea

Only a couple of spoons left and so I had that too.

8:15pm Bran flakes with pumpkin seeds and milk

Still hungry and I made a deal with myself that I’d have this now if I didn’t eat later.

10pm Hot chocolate


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