Day 526: Bleachy hands

Posted by Paola

1pm Ham and cottage cheese salad salad sandwich + coffee

1:20pm Apple

3:10pm Garlic tofu salad with Crackerbreads w/spread + tea

Hard to not use a big soup bowl for this but I managed to cram lettuce, cucumber, onions and the left-overs of yesterday’s garlicy tofu, and then some seeds and sultanas.

Followed by a mint & chocolate gum for something sweet.

6:20pm Savoy cabbage and tomatoes with veg burger and yoghurt, with Crackerbreads w/spread + squash

With lemon juice and olive oil

7pm Frozen yoghurt banana lolly

85 calories for this 95g home-made lolly.

8pm Kiwi, bran flakes and yoghurt with fake sugar

Peckish for something sweet. Made a deal with myself that I could have this if I didn’t eat anything else afterwards.

10pm Hot chocolate


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