Day 527: Art & Antique Fair

Posted by Paola

I spent the afternoon in London at the Grosvenor Art & Antiques Fair.

10:20 Half a cheese sandwich + squash

1pm Vitabella pizza + Peroni beer + coffee @ Pizza Express

No dough in the centre of  the pizza. Salad in the hole. Around 500 calories.

4:20pm Diet flavoured water + Quavers

6:40pm Carrot and hummus sandwich + crisps + diet cherry Coke

In a park in London.  280 calories.

7pm Mashmallow snack (118 calories)

7:50pm Fruit salad (85 calories) + diet Cola

Kept thinking about food on the way home. Bought this at the M&S at Waterloo station.

9pm Tomatoes with garlic, bread, yoghurt and oil

I hadn’t intended on eating again but Frank bought home a burger with chips and it smelled really good…

10pm Kiwi and bran flakes with seeds, sultanas and yoghurt

Back to “what the hell!” thinking. Eating for the sheer pleasure. Not hungry.


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