Day 533: Cake with Ruth

Posted by Paola

10:15am Ham and cottage cheese salad sandwich + tea

+ tangerine

Morning drink: pint of squash

1pm Veg, bean and tomato soup + wrap w/spread

2:05pm Tangerine

3:20pm Cottage cheese with cucumber and pickled beetroot

Before leaving for Fego’s for cake with Ruth, so that I wouldn’t eat so much. But, truth be told, I still asked Ruth on the way whether we could have a whole slice each this time, rather than sharing a slice. She said she couldn’t eat a whole slice.

4pm Butterscotch cake + tea @ Fego

7:45pm Burger and cabbage + squash

Savoy cabbage, veg burger, seeds, sultanas, yoghurt + dressing.

8:20pm Pineapple with port

8:45pm Pineapple, port and yoghurt

Uh oh.

9:50pm Pineapple, orange curd, seeds, bran flakes and yoghurt + tea



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