Day 536: Grocery delivery

Posted by Paola

1pm Strange wrap

Out of bread and sandwichy things. Cottage cheese, Quark on a small end bread crust, sun-dried tomatoes and piccalilli in a wrap.

2:20pm Banana + squash

4pm Sauerkraut and bean salad with Crackerbreads w/spread + fresh coffee

5:10pm Banana yoghurt mixture with bran flakes and sultanas

What was left of the mixture after making eight lollies. I should have just eaten it as is rather than adding the bran flakes and sultanas. I was feeling a bit full and actually took a deep breath before launching into this bowl, knowing I shouldn’t have any of it really. *sigh*

8:10pm Veg, bean and tomato soup with Crackbreads w/spread

9pm Apple

Evening drink: hot chocolate


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