Holding Steady

Posted by Sylvia

People visiting, lots going on. I’ve been making meals that are inherently low-calorie (that is, dishes that I have previously made when holding to 1,200/day) but not measuring and allowing for larger portions. I’d guess that we are having between 500-800 calories per meal. We’re going to restaurants as well and drinking in the evenings, so it’s not really a position of being able to strictly diet. Trying to count every calorie to throw away the data in the end really frustrated me before, which is why I’m working on a system of “Keep it Simple” this time.

I’ve been cooking this way long enough that I have a pretty good idea of how to keep calories down and I’ve learned to be careful not to let myself feel hungry before going out for tapas and beer (too easy to fill up on snacks and then the alcohol hits and I fall over).

Actually, the main thing I feel guilty about is that I’m drinking a lot of beer rather than vodka+diet coke or some other low cal drink.

I’ve also been going for a walk or doing some exercise most week days to try to help counteract the extra calories.

I was nervous about doing the next weigh-in but I’m quite satisfied with the results: I have not lost weight but neither have I gained any. I’m exactly at 81.0 kilos, the same as I was on the 5th of the month.

My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart

Weight loss/gain: 0


One thought on “Holding Steady

  1. Not gaining any weight during this time is brilliant.

    I wonder if you could lose a little by replacing every OTHER beer with a vodka or other lower-cal booze.

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