Making It Through

Posted by Sylvia

Are you guys out there? I’ve not been posting but I’m hanging onto my weight by the skin of my teeth. Basically, I’m not counting calories but I’m trying to stick to low-fat dishes for the meals I’m making and I’m trying to be pretty strict on my intake of sweet drinks / ice creams / fun summer stuff. I’m also taking advantage of the sunny weather and going on walks on weekdays and even went swimming last week.

I’ve stopped doing the Maya work-out thing (various people around means that the TV room is often in use and I’m too self-conscious to kick people out knowing they will then hear me panting and groaning) so I’m not getting the exercise that I was. In a way, the guilt from that is really helping me to actually go out and do the walks each day. :)

I realised I was putting off a weigh-in which is pretty counter-productive. I thought I had gained weight despite my efforts. Certainly, I do feel that my face feels rounder and I feel very flabby. But according to the numbers, I’m not putting weight on so I guess I’m just getting more and more out of shape. I’ll have to try to focus on exercise for the rest of the summer!

Weight Chart

Last update: 81.0 kilos
Today: 80.4

A tiny net loss! I’m amazed, really I am.

What about you all?


One thought on “Making It Through

  1. Congrats on your net loss!

    I just posted my backlog of weigh-ins. Not doing too well. I am still noting food eaten and taking photos.

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