Autumn Weigh-In

Posted by Sylvia

Well, I knew summer was going to be difficult and my primary goal was to not put any more weight on.

Sylvia’s Weight Chart:
Weight Chart

Weight gain: 2.3 kilos

I failed.

I was doing really well for the first half of the summer. I think I’ve spotted a pattern, actually. If I calorie count and am strict with myself, it carries over to my eating habits when I stop, which is great. But it only carries over for 4-6 weeks. Little by little, I edge into bad habits until the weight gain starts up again.

About two weeks ago, I noticed my clothes feeling tighter and realised it was going downhill. I weighed myself and it came in at 82.8. We had guests so I decided that I would just try to increase the vegetable count of the meals and to get back into doing exercise.

Last week I exercised every day. This week I’ve been more sporadic but I’ve at least taken a walk most days.

I weighed myself on Tuesday (and will keep weighing myself so that I notice the smaller increments) and it came in at 82.7 – possibly just random fluctuation but I’d like to think it is the result of my re-focusing on my weight.

My goals:

* I will do more swimming while the weather is nice
* I will at least take a walk 5 days a week
* I will go back to calorie counting on weekdays (even if it’s only to know how many calories I am consuming rather than a specific limit of calories per day)

Like Paola, I’d like to lose weight before the new year. It would especially be nice if my clothes fit!

(note: These weights may not be quite right as I’ve used the (dodgy) scale rather than the wii fit. I mention this only to remind myself of the issue should there be a sudden jump/loss next week!)


One thought on “Autumn Weigh-In

  1. Bah. I *so* don’t want to go back to weighing everything and calculating calories.

    But a) you two are and I accept peer pressure and b) I probably need the shock of seeing how much I’ve been eating.

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