Pad Krapow

Posted by Sylvia

In the interests of kick-starting myself into action, I made a point of /measuring weighing last night to get back into the habit.

I’m glad I did it, I missed out on really blatant stuff (like not actually measuring the rice) and if it had been “official” I would have felt a failure for not having a final count.

Also, as always, I forgot that I have to leave myself some extra time to measure things and get the calorie count right.

And I forgot how completely vain I am about posting photographs of food I made. I am quite happy for food photos to be realistic but if it’s a dish I prepared then I want the photo to be beautiful.

Dinner was based on this description of a thai dish:
Pad Krapow Moo – spicy stir-fried pork with Thai holy basil: chez pim

You should look at her photo of the dish because she makes it look much more appealing than I do!

1 tablespoon oil 120
600g lean pork 858
6 cloves garlic 27
chile 5
1 tbsp fish sauce @67/100ml 10
green pepper 20
onion 20
200g rice 740
1 egg 70
1 tablespoon oil 120
Total Calories 1,990

This was too much meat for two people. I think this recipe would be correct for three. That would put it at 663 calories a serving. As it was, I threw away some of the meat before serving (still very painful to do).

Total time in the kitchen was 30 minutes, including chopping and searching for the fish sauce.

I tried frying the pork in half a tablespoon of oil but the pan dried out and the meat was sticking so I went for a whole tablespoon.

I have no idea how you count how much oil is on the egg so I went for a tablespoon. I’m pretty sure it would be a lot less than that but I wanted a worst case scenario.

It’s a good, strong-flavoured dish and I’m sure I’ll make it again.

As part of a calorie-controlled diet, I would make the following changes (without worrying about authenticity):

  • decrease the meat
  • increase the veg (and the variety)
  • use long-grain rice (WHY is it lower in calorie? I wish I understood.)
  • poach or softboil the egg
  • serve with a salad of pickled cucumbers or similar low cal option to bulk out the plate without adding calories

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