Getting Into the Swing of Things

Posted by Sylvia

I’m not fretting too much about details this week, just getting myself back into the habit of counting calories and watching fatty foods. I’ve set a goal of keeping meals under 500 calories each and not snacking in between meals (or especially while cooking them). I also wantneed to get back into the habit of exercising.

So I had four cups of coffee with milk (120 calories!) instead of switching to tea and in the evening we sat down with wine and talked about Apple’s policies towards development on the iPhone until the early hours.

Having said that, I was was pleased to see that it was easy for me to make low-calorie meals without having to think about it. This does beg the question why I’ve not been doing this throughout, of course!

I did some yoga out on the balcony to stretch out.

lunch: Spicy Lamb and Cabbage Stir-Fry for 2

150g lean lamb 292
150g noodles 291
350g cabbage 88
1 tablespoon sesame oil 120
fresh ginger and garlic and chile 20
40g chile sauce 71
soy sauce 20
Total Calories 902

Per portion: 450 calories

Dinner: Chicken filet with white beans and salad

100g chicken breast filet 110
125g white beans 142
75g green tomato 20
Tinned mushrooms 53
Total Calories 325

At the end of dinner, I felt like I was starving to death. Despite the fact that I wasn’t counting towards a total (and drinking wine) I decided not to go in search of more food but just to accept it. I drank two large glasses of water which helped a bit.

As time went on, I felt nibbly but not ravenous so waiting it out was the right thing to do.


3 thoughts on “Getting Into the Swing of Things

  1. I find that one of the hardest things: not responding to such urges. Especially when I feel *more* hungry right after eating.

    I wonder whether, for me, pandering to them is just a habit. Very likely. And I suspect it won’t take that long to break (1-2 weeks) but will be uncomfortable doing so.

    I’ll start on it today.

  2. I think it really is habit, as you say. I didn’t realise how quick I was to head to the kitchen to “top up” until I stopped allowing myself to do so.

  3. Its hard to break a habit that you have had for so long … in just a few days. That’s what I am struggling with too.. I love cooking but hate eating the food I cook. So, I am trying to plan on ‘non cooking’ foods that I can eat whilst I cook for everyone else. *sigh*

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