Day 632: Daily salad

Posted by Paola

Besides posting food diaries again, I’ve set myself two goals: 1) eat at least one salad meal a day and 2) wait for at least 10 mins before having a sweet (fruit, whatever) after my main course.

12:30pm Turkey and Quark salad sandwich + tea

I got distracted by work and so didn’t eat until late, when I was very hungry.

1:15pm Strawberry cereal bar + coffee

Tesco Value 125g bar with supposedly just 80 calories each.

Made with Glucose Syrup, Oat Flakes, Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil, Stabiliser, Sugar, Strawberry, Milk Sugar, Apple, Cherry Juice, Pectin, Dextrose, Plain Caramel, Salt, Flavouring, Emulsifier.

3:50pm Tinned spaghetti with sweetcorn and egg and Crackerbreads with spread + tea

I debated whether to have the salad now or later. I was cold and wanted something warming.

The sweetcorn is a recent addition but doesn’t add much to the dish. The basic Tesco Value tinned spaghetti with a ‘poached’ egg and Crackerbreads with fake butter spread is all that is needed.

5:30pm Apple

9pm Turkey and sauerkraut salad with sweet chilli yoghurt + wine

I accidentally used a dinner plate I’d left out for Frank rather than my usual side plate. (The wine was mistakenly included in my grocery delivery yesterday! Tesco said I could keep it.)

9:50pm Frozen berries with yoghurt and sweetener

This is one of the many desserts I’ve come up with the last couple of months. Tesco do bags of frozen berries (strawberries, blackberries, cherries and redcurrants). I fill a small bowl with two-thirds frozen berries, sprinkle with sweetner and then cover to the top with low-fat yoghurt. Sprinkle again with sweetener. Depending on mood, sprinkle with ground cinnamon or cardomon. I used All Spice this time.

The yoghurt coating the berries slightly freezes in a soft yielding crunch. The cold makes me eat it slowly. It’s divine. I need to get a calorie count next time.

In (recent) normal circumstances, I’d have eaten more today (more sweet things). And I wanted to eat more after the berries with yoghurt. But I am on a diet again. Finally!


2 thoughts on “Day 632: Daily salad

  1. Hurray – I’m not alone.

    I’ll catch up tomorrow, it’s been a bit touch and go but I’m still on track.

    The frozen berries with yoghurt sounds divine!

  2. Yippeee…. we are all back !!

    Sad, in a way…. but happy too :)

    The frozen berries with yoghurt look absolutely scrumptious…. :)

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