Next Week Will Be Better

Posted by Sylvia

I’ve upgraded my machine to Windows 7, which is fast and shiny and working great, but now my USDA calorie counter program doesn’t work.

I could work around it but within a day or two, Cliff will fix the program he made me and it will all be so much simpler. Also, my numbers are a bit sketchy ANYWAY so putting in the effort for an approximate count seems not worth it.

However, I AM noting the meals here to make sure I’m not tempted into eating a pound of Brie.

Tuesday Lunch
Chicken and Vegetable Stew (for two)
225 chicken
80g leeks
60g carrots
40g green onion
1 teaspoon sesame oil
100g mushrooms
1 stock cube

It was interesting how hungry I felt in the afternoon – and how aware I felt that recently I haven’t felt hungry. Around 5:30 I walked down to the beach and went for a swim. This is a great work-out for me because I honestly enjoy it (as opposed to mindless laps in the pool) and when I got out I was trembly and panting so I’m working a lot harder without even noticing it.

BUT on the downside, after a walk I’ll find I don’t feel so hungry but after my swim I was RAVENOUS.

Tuesday Dinner

We had burritos with minced lamb (left over from the other nice) and steamed vegetables and tomatillo sauce.

This started going wrong when I realised that there was no calorie count on the flour tortillas I was using. I also added half a cup of black beans from a tin which likewise didn’t have a calorie count on it. On top of everything else, we were meeting friends at the pub after dinner and I really didn’t want to make the mistake of drinking hungry, so I upped the portions.

At the end of the meal I was *stuffed*. Although it started out good (and was full of healthy veggies) I don’t think Tuesday’s dinner can be counted as dieting.

Wednesday Lunch

Scrambled Eggs with Indian Spices and Mushrooms

25g butter
150g onion
61g oyster mushrooms
100g champinones
65g peppers
Madras powder
chopped coriander
4 eggs

Served with a side salad of lettuce with vinegar.

I wasn’t sure I could face going for a swim after drinking too much red wine the night before but I walked down to the beach anyway and once I was there, I decided I might as well. I didn’t swim as long but my arms and legs ached when I got home so it must have done some good, right?

Wednesday Dinner

I defrosted two portions of Sausage Soup which I had noted as a total of 840 calories. Again, I felt ravenous and it just didn’t seem like a lot. Also I tried a taste and it seemed rather boring.

I had 50g of mushrooms left over from lunch which I quartered and added in. Then I put in a bit of mushroom stock to thin it out a bit. Then I put in a jar of tomato and mushroom sauce at 120 calories. Then I added a bit of hotsauce.

By the time I was finished, I was worried it was probably over the 500 cal per person mark. But then when I went to serve, I realised we had more food than was sensible for two people! I served us both a good sized bowl (leaving a small bowls worth in the pot). I wasn’t *full* (certainly not like I felt after the burritos the night before) but neither did I feel hungry / hard done by. I suspect it still did go over 500 cal for the meal but not by much.


4 thoughts on “Next Week Will Be Better

  1. It was interesting how hungry I felt in the afternoon – and how aware I felt that recently I haven’t felt hungry.

    Me too. Back to proper hungry feelings the last two days. Yay.

  2. I think the thought of it is worse than it is (she said, having not actually felt hungry for a week).

    I wonder if fasting for a day would make sense, not for weight loss but just to help me feel like feeling hungry wasn’t the end of the world.

  3. I’ve been wondering this too but, like Ginni, once I do get hungry, the urge to eat is overwhelming and overpowering.

    I ate a 1kg tub of yoghurt during the course of today. Feeling icky. :-(

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