Day 634: Cake club

Posted by Paola

I added notes to the inside cupboard door for my plates with the improved calorie counts from yesterday.

11:20pm Porridge with sultanas, fake butter and sweetener + tea

Weighed, thus pre-calorie counted. It exploded in the microwave again.

1:10pm Beef and bean coconut chilli with yoghurt and olive oil + tea

Too cold for salad.

My first attempt at a pumpkin pie adapted from a Delia recipe, made for the afternoon’s cake club.  I whipped the remaining cream with ground roasted pecans and a little vanilla sugar. The cream was much nicer than the pie!

3:50pm Pumpkin pie with cream + tea

4pm Pumpkin pie with cream + tea

I was hungry after the cake club!

5:30pm Cottage cheese salad with sweet chilli yoghurt + tea

5:50pm Frozen berries with yoghurt + coffee

Not weighed. I just took as much as I wanted (anything would have been too much).

6:20pm Pumpkin pie with cream + coffee

*sigh* And it wasn’t even that nice. But I told myself I wouldn’t eat again today.


One thought on “Day 634: Cake club

  1. Have you tried using 2 layers of cling film before putting porridge in the microwave? Then making a couple of holes at the top with the tip of a fork.

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