Day 642: weigh-in

Posted by Paola

Weigh-in: 1 lb lost Yay!

Total lost: 62 lbs / 4 st 6 lbs / 28.2g in 92 weeks

Current weight: 152 lbs / 10 st 12 lbs / 69 kg


3 thoughts on “Day 642: weigh-in

  1. Hurray, that’s what we like to see!

    I’ve been doing meal plans but not actually counting calories.

    The benefit is that I am not tempted into quick and dirty high cal meals because I already have something planned. But I really should be holding myself more accountable than that, especially since I’ve had wine every night for the last week!

  2. How many calories are in wine?

    Becky and Ian came over for dinner last night. They’ve both lost weight – Becky 9 lbs (4kg) – and look great and seem a lot more content. They’re only eating when they’re hungry, starting with small servings and only taking more if still hungry.

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