Day 656: weigh-in

Posted by Paola

Weigh-in: 2 lbs gained

Total lost: 59 lbs / 4 st 3 lbs / 26.8g in 94 weeks

Current weight: 155 lbs / 11 st 1 lb / 70.5 kg

Frank is away this week and I have been eating the house, as in everything edible because a) he’s not here to see me over-eat and b) I am not food diarying.

He’s back Tuesday. I wanna exceed my March lowest weight and see if I can get below 10 st (140 lbs, 63.6kg) by the end of the year. So, no more yoghurt and sweets. I’ll see if I can manage a week of a dailt sandwich for breakfast, soup and salad with fruit.


5 thoughts on “Day 656: weigh-in

  1. There’s been so much going on, I’ve totally lost the plot in terms of food diary-ing.

    Connor is home and his favourite foods are all very carb and calorie rich. I’m trying to put some thought into meals in order to balance things out without stressing too much.

    We’re away for a week which makes it hard to want to start when it’s “just temporary” even though I know that’s not logical.

    I really do need a kick to get myself in gear.

    (I have been swimming 2-3 times a week though, yay!)

  2. *kick* Ouch, I needed one of these too !

    I got myself the Wii fit today albeit I wasn’t sure if it would really work, but it tired me out in10 mins and I can feel the pain ! I am not losing weight on the scales but my clothes have been getting loser lately…. but I need to lose weight *kick*

  3. Dear Paola,
    I came across your website by accident and I have to say that as a Fitness Trainer I am alarmed with the diet that most of you here are on.
    The 1,200 kcalorie range is too low and from what I read you eat there are not enough nutrients in your food.
    I have been overweight and dieting all my life and did exactly what you did but that changed for me when I started exercising.
    I don’t want to sound mean but losing weight on this kind of diet is not sustainable. It may seem quick and worth the pain but without exercise regime and proper diet you are losing muscle mass and water, not fat, and damaging your own body.
    I would like to offer free advice, diet and exercise plan for you and your friends. I hope you will not find it offensive and maybe you will be up for a challenge.

    Agata Makowska

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