Day 706: weigh-in

Posted by Paola

Weigh-in: 3 lbs gained

Total lost: 56 lbs / 4 st / 25.5kg in 100 weeks

Current weight: 158 lbs / 11 st 4 lb / 71.8 kg


One thought on “Day 706: weigh-in

  1. I weighed myself last week and was back up to my max weight. I’m now in utter denial.

    Actually, that’s not true. I am looking at immediate changes.

    I’ve upped the vegetable portion of our meals again (I hadn’t realised they were slowly shrinking!) and cut down on lunch portion size. It has been immediately noticeable in that I’m *really* hungry by the time dinner comes along.

    I’ve also signed up for dailybooth to take a photo every day. It sounds silly but I think I need to be confronted with the evidence of my double-chin, as I’m clearly quite capable of ignoring the weight that I have gained simply by avoiding mirrors and scales.

    It’s not enough, I know that. But it’s a start. I’m working on getting control of the detail.

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