Spinach Dip

Posted by Sylvia

Sorry, I’ve not been posting! I have been dieting and I’ve lost weight but I’ve not been very good about making notes although I am calorie counting.

The current issue is: There’s two head of cauliflower in the garden! I could cook them up into a soup, but nice cauliflower soup needs lots of cream and parmesan (or is that just me?). I quite like it raw which seems like that would be the best bet for a low cal meal, but I’d love to have it with a dip. It’s a lot of cauliflower to get through on its own.

So I was thinking about spinach dip and wondering if I could make a version of it that was low enough calorie that it wouldn’t undo all the good that I’ve been doing.

We don’t have a good variety of low-fat items locally (no light sour cream and I don’t think there’s light mayo) but the shop in the village has recently started stocking low fat philadelphia cream cheese. So I am trying to modify an onion and spinach dip to suit. Clearly I can’t fry the onion but I thought maybe I could microwave or steam them to make them taste more mild? And then just make sure it has lots of spinach (cooked and leaving it wet to keep the dip from getting too thick) and some salt and pepper and maybe a dash of Worcestershire sauce?

What do you guys think?

Spinach Dip 100g Light Cream Cheese 60
100g raw onion 40
50g green onion 16
200g spinach 46
Sub-total 162
Total Calories 162

That should make for two or maybe even three servings, shouldn’t it?

I don’t really want to take the time and then find it’s a total disaster.


4 thoughts on “Spinach Dip

  1. Hola – hmm, consider low-fat yoghurt (60-ish calories per 100g) to replace (in whole or part) the low-fat Philly (111 cals per 100g). Surely a cream cheese base would make it too thick anyway?

    To soften the onion, you can freeze overnight and thaw or, as you say, microwave. Out of interest, why are you using two kinds of onion. I think I’d just use raw spring (green?) onions.

    I make dips (and in fact will be making some tomorrow for Becky & Ian) using low-fat yoghurt as a base – I either add mint sauce (not the jelly kind) or horseradish sauce.

    For flavour, I wonder whether you could go a mild curry route with your spinach dip. Try a small bit with dried coriander.

    Finally, I love spinach with lemon and oil and so I wonder whether you could start with those three and dippyfy by adding yoghurt.

    Let us know how you get on.

  2. I searched on Philadelphia Light and it came up 60 cal (maybe I accidentally matched on the new very light stuff they seem to have) but you are right, I checked the package at the shop and its over double that.

    Can’t get low fat unflavoured yogurt unfortunately. However, I did find no-fat, so I will try that (although I reserve the right to mix it with some full-fat to try to find a middle ground).

    Green onions and Spanish onions taste totally different! Humph. :)

    Basically, I want to cook the spanish onions to impart some sweetness to the dip, and then the green onions give a very mild bite and some crunch.

    A curry spinach dip sounds really nice too! Also, I picked up a Knorr dried onion soup mix, having remembered that I have had wonderful dips made of that mixed with sour cream and maybe it’ll mix with the yogurt.

    I think I’ll have to start with the most basic idea and then improve from there. But the more I think about cauliflower dipped in a spinach curry sauce, the more I like it!

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