The Spinach Dip Trials

Posted by Sylvia

Spinach Dip 100g Cooked Spinach 32
4 tubs non-fat yogurt @45/each 180
1 packet Knorr onion soup 180
Total Calories 392

392 calories / 572 grams = .69 calories/gram

200g cauliflower 50
100g dip 68
Total Calories 118

I served it as a medium plate full of cauliflower with a bowl of dip in the middle. I have a salt grinder with dried chile peppers, rock salt and oregano in it which we sprinkled on the vegetables.

The dip wasn’t really dippy – it was too thick with all that spinach really – but I got out teaspoons and we made do.

The dip tasted nice and the onion soup was so strong, I didn’t really notice that the yogurt was non-fat. I am going to try the curry version next.

I will also try to remember to take photographs!


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