Japanese-Style Vegetable Soup

Posted by Sylvia

A simplified dish based on Soba Noodle Soup in Shiitake Shoyu Broth with Asparagus, Leeks and Tofu – Recipe – Herbivoracious – Vegetarian Recipe Blog

Vegetable Soup for Two

2 eggs 140
122g leeks 74
35g spring onions 11
100g sprouts 20
225g asparagus 45
less than 1 tablespoon olive oil 119
100g cabbage 25
broth 5
Total Calories 439

The cabbage on the side is in the first stages of fermenting, I’m making homemade sauerkraut and I wanted to see how it tasted. It was nice – although I could taste the caraway which made it a bit incongruous with the Japanese-style soup. But the idea of having a crispy salty thing on the side definitely worked.

The soy bean sprouts say they are 18 calories/100g on the packaging. The USDA site says they are 122 calories/100g. That makes no sense to me, I simply don’t believe that bean sprouts are equivalent to chicken in calories. The figure on the packaging makes a lot more sense. I did a quick search around but most of the calorie-counting websites that I have bookmarked use the USDA figures (I can test this easily by searching for the odd phrasing used on the USDA site for meat cuts) so that doesn’t help much.

I stuck with the calorie count on the packaging in the end but I don’t like arguing with the USDA really.


2 thoughts on “Japanese-Style Vegetable Soup

  1. I found calories for 100g of soybean sprouts varying from 30 to 45. I can imagine that soybeans themselves would be a lot more and likely comparable with chicken but I expect the sprouts to be mostly water.

    Your soup looks so good.

  2. Yeah, I wondered if the sprouts data was actually taken from beans and someone got confused. I wonder if they have an option for reporting errors!

    The soup was nice but I definitely want to make a stronger flavoured liquid next time – more ginger!

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