Today was a good food day

Posted by Sylvia

I made a big batch of chili con carne because I’m been craving it lately. I reduced the amount of meat and beans and increased the tomato and added peppers. I used stewing beef which I cut into small squares to give the impression of having more.

2 tablespoons olive oil 239
500g lean beef 750
300g raw onion, chopped 120
250g pinto beans 825
257g sweet green pepper 51
290g tomato 52
200g salsa 85
200g tomato 154
chiles 5
10g chocolate 55
Total Calories 2,336

Total weight: 2500g

Calories per gram: 0.9344

470g chili: 439 calories
10g cheese: 27 calories

Total: 466 calories

Short-changed! I could have had another spoonful!

I asked the butcher to debone a leg of lamb for me and then I cut these chunks from the thickest piece. I expect to get three or four meals for the two of us from this leg. I seasoned the lamb pieces with salt and a cinnamony Ras el Hanout I bought when we went to Morocco. I used two skewers per person to make it look like more. I didn’t put any fat on the meat, instead I greased the grill with a piece of fat. Unfortunately, the combination of that and trimming all the fat off of the lamb meant it tasted a bit tough. But it was a filling meal and seemed plentiful.

2 portions:

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Kebabs 300g lamb from leg, trimmed of fat 405
1 medium onion 44
Rice 50g frozen vegetables 32
100g long-grain white rice 365
Salad 300g orange tomato 48
juice of one lemon 12
garlic clove 4
Chopped mint 1
Total 911

I wonder how much difference a teaspoon of olive oil would have made to the lamb? At 70 calories, it’d push the total right up to the limit but might be worth it.


4 thoughts on “Today was a good food day

  1. Mmm, looks good and worth the effort.

    Re: olive oil – I only use olive oil as a flavouring now (added at serving as if it’s a condiment) and not for cooking, so that I get the full benefit.

  2. Yes but in this case, it was specifically the lack of fat that was missing on the meat, so it would need to be added before cooking. A low amount of olive oil is the cheapest (that is, least calorific) way I could think to achieve it.

    It might not make enough of a difference, I will have to test.

  3. @Sylvia – try marinating the meat in yogurt – specially the kebabs before cooking them…you just need to spray some oil to cook them as the yogurt cooks the kebabs from the inside.

    I marinate the meat overnight in yogurt before cooking. Works wonders….shhhhh don’t tell my secret to anyone ;)

  4. Mmmm, you are right. I do that sometimes but not often enough. I will make lamb kebabs with yogurt next week and report back!

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