Fast Meals

Posted by Sylvia

Today we had another two portions of the chili con carne. I remembered to take a photograph:

I used up the spare calories by adding a teaspoon of sour cream.

I drank two glasses of Cranberry Juice Drink Light for medicinal reasons. I might drink another. The entire carton is 80 calories so that’s the maximum I could have (and I don’t *care* as long as I feel better :P).

I was a bit worried about making my sweet-and-sour sauce for the stir-fry but then decided I was being silly and I should just count it up and then work out if it should be banned afterwards.

It wasn’t as calorific as I expected – sometimes I forget that a little sugar goes a long way:

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Sauce 250 ml soy sauce 133
1 tablespoon sugar 50
garlic, ginger, chile, cilantro stems* 5
50 ml water 0
Total 188

* This is a total guess but they were all simmered in the liquid and then removed so it should be a minimum of calories. Like chicken broth isn’t anything like the calories found in a whole chicken

I mixed all the ingredients and then simmered it back down to 250ml when strained – making the final mixture 0.75 calories per ml.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Stir-fry 300g lamb from leg, trimmed of fat 414
138g cabbage 35
61g frozen mixed vegetables 39
2 small green onions 3
50 ml of sauce 38
200g udon noodles 260
1 tablespoon olive oil 120
Total 909

EDIT: D’oh – I didn’t count the tablespoon of oil that I fried the meat and veg in! So not quite as good as I thought.

894.5954 calories in food and 80 in drink is still under a thousand calories just over one thousand calories. I’m amazed I don’t feel hungry!


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