Diet 2.0

Posted by Paola

I started a new diet the day after my radiotherapy ended, which was 18 consecutive (week)days. I knew that the end of radiotherapy would mean a big change.

Although I am taking pills daily for hormone therapy, the end of radiotherapy would mark the end of having somewhere to go where people were gentle and kind to me, and where I had a steady stream of people to chat to in the waiting room.

After nine months of treatment for breast cancer, this new diet is my new hobby. :-)

My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart

Weight-gain during chemotherapy

I put on a stone (14 lbs / 6.4kg) during chemotherapy. I had six three-weekly sessions.

Chemo buggers up one’s appetite; you just don’t feel like eating, instead you feel the opposite.

I quickly found that carbs (bread, crisps, bran flakes) alleviated the nausea in the first week and so I was eating bread and crisps several times a day. I also bought yummy food to entice myself to eat. Once I started eating, I could eat okay. It was just bringing myself to eat that was hard.

The post-chemo nausea wore off after 7-10 days but I’d still have loads of bread, crisps and whatnot in the house. And so I ate it. That’s how I put on weight.

On being bigger

I had been putting on weight since I stopped calorie-counting (Nov 2009, I think) but May-August this year was the biggest gain.

As I got bigger this year, I wasn’t happy with the changes; it became an effort to cross my legs, I couldn’t keep up with Frank when we went out (he walks fast) and I was bursting out of my ‘thin’ clothes. I ended up buying larger second-hand blouses and trousers on eBay, just to be comfortable.

I really noticed how big I got when I had my (first ever) bra fitting before radiotherapy. I was disgusted with the massiveness of my body seen in 270 degrees of mirrors! And, during radiotherapy, I cringed when I saw a reflection of myself wobble as the nurses adjusted my position.

The plan

I have continued to photograph and write down what I eat since the start of 2008, the year I lost 70 lbs (31.8kg). (Gosh, that amount still surprises me.) I started the diet last Thursday (it’s now Monday) and I have made good progress.

My approach is:

  • Only eat when I’m hungry
  • Have one portion of carbs (bread, rice, pasta) a day (100-200 cals)
  • Don’t wait to get so hungry that I feel like breaking my diet
  • Try to savour every mouthful
  • Eat on small (side) plates and with a teaspoon when possible
  • A second portion is allowed but wait 10 mins
  • Have a piece of fruit of low-calorie hot chocolate when I crave something sweet

The lack of carbs (bread) means that I get hungry after a couple of hours but that’s okay if I just have a plate of veg or a snack of Crackerbreads.

I’ll post weekly weigh-ins.


4 thoughts on “Diet 2.0

  1. Good to see you posting again, good to hear you got through your various therapies and great to hear you’ll be posting again. I still read all the posts although they are few and far between now.

    I lost 1 1/2 stone over the summer thanks to a few rule changes for my food intake and miles and miles of walking. I’ve slipped back into some old habits thanks to a bit of a low patch and put half a stone back on, but I’m determined to shift it by the end of next summer!

    Good luck with your renewed efforts!

  2. I know that it’s really challenging to post here when one’s the only one. I might have to start posting daily foof diary photos as I lost my Diet 2.0 momentum.

    Noel, wanna join us here as a food confessor? If so, read da roolz.

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