Danger Will Robinson

Posted by Sylvia

Paola’s post made me realise that I’ve been quietly avoiding the fact that my diet season should have already begun.

I decided I was going to make myself crazy trying to lose weight over the summer so the goal was to have a good time and not be stupid about food intake.

I succeeded at the former.

I have been weighing myself intermittently to see how I was getting on, with a firm goal of NOT putting back all the weight I lost. It was very visible when I hit 80 kilos – I could absolutely see the curves of my face change back to “fat”. Unfortunately, this was right in the middle of things and so I simply ignored it and promised myself that in October I’d be strict again.

It’s October and I’m being strict again. I went up from 79 kilos to 82.5 kilos (yesterday weighed in at 82 but I’m using the higher number) and I do not want to let it set!

For the moment, I am just going to focus on getting back under 80. Then I’ll see what’s going on in my life and work out how strict I need to be re: calorie counting etc. I need to get a portrait photograph done of my face so that’s pretty motivating for losing weight. I’d like to get into the habit of regular weigh-ins as a general rule too – as it makes me fess up to what I’ve been doing!

Sylvia’s Weight Chart:
Weight Chart

Edit: I just noticed this post was missing. I must have accidentally left it as a draft. I’m publishing it for the original date it was meant for which means it’ll come in out of order. Sorry about that!


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