Really Thinking I’d like some Red Wine in the Sauce

Posted by Sylvia

Lunch was chaos. I defrosted a Pork Thai Curry of 290 calories which has been sitting in the freezer for, uh, quite some time. It was horrid. I don’t know if my curry making skills have increased tremendously (thanks also to my experimentation with the great Indian spices that you two have introduced me to) or freezing totally ruined this dish, but it was foul. I ate a few mouthfuls, thinking I should just force it down and have something nice for dinner. Then I decided that was silly and defrosted the bean dish instead and ate that.

Breakfast 3 milky coffees 100
Sub-total 100
Lunch Small portion of Pork Thai Curry 100
Pork and beans 190
Sub-total 290
Dinner Dressing 30
Cottage Cheese 180
Mixed lettuce 60
Sub-total 270
Dessert Yogurt 152
30g Muesli @357/100g 107
Tiny drizzle of honey 10
Sub-total 269
Snack Options Hot Chocolate 37
Sub-total 37
Total Calories 966

At the supermarket, I noticed they had a spaghetti bolognese readymeal that was only 410 calories. I don’t know if that’s doable at home with fresh ingredients but I decided to try. Mine is heavy on the mushrooms to bulk it out and keep the calories down. I’ll post the calorie count when I’m sure I’m not going to add anything else.

Current weight: 81 kilos, down 1.5 from the beginning of the month. I don’t think I’m going to make 80 before the guests come, though :(


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