Spaghetti Bolognese with Mushrooms

Posted by Sylvia

Hurray, it’s …. OK, it’s not actually only 400 calories for the meal. But at under 600 with plentiful parmesan, it fits within my “small lunch, big dinner” planning system.

I added random chopped veg which I fried with the onions in the oil (left over from stirfry) and chopped up mushrooms to bulk it out and add flavour.

Bolognese Sauce 1 tablespoon oil 119
120g chopped onion 38
100g mixed veg 35
2 tins tomato 19 cal/100g 296
700g ground beef 1,778
2 stock cubes 50
2 tablespoon sugar 100
Fried tomato 158
Mushrooms 19
Tomato sauce @64 cal 179
Total Calories 2,772

It tastes nice and is really thick!

Weight: 2115 grams
Calories: 2772 calories

1.3 calories per gram

This made for a large serving – as much as I’d eat not on a diet. If I needed to keep calories under 500, I think that’d be pretty easy to do just by cutting down the spaghetti and leaving it with extra sauce.

150g Bolognese Sauce 195
100g Spaghetti 338
5g parmesan 22
Total Calories 555

Now, if only I could justify some garlic bread….


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