Diet 2.3

Posted by Paola

Last month, my brother asked my advice on getting Frank a box of American “sweet goodies”. I asked for mint fudge-dipped Oreos and things with caramel or peanuts but no Twinkies and no obvious junk food.

This is what Frank he got. I laid it out on our kitchen table when we got back from mum’s on the 28th Dec.

Why I started Diet 2.3 when I did

Frank is going to take all the stuff in the basket to work but that still leaves an awful lot of yummy things, such as peanut butter M&Ms, Butter Fingers and the mint fudge-dipped Oreos.

I looked at it, realising that if I had ANY of it, I’d not be able to control how much I had and that “just one piece” would very soon spiral out of control.

I resolved not to have any of it at all and tweeted: Why wait for 1 Jan to start my diet! Target: lose 45lbs / 20.5kg by June. I will tweet my food diary.

It was a spur-of-the-moment decision but I have stuck to it. I am now three days in to proper dieting.

When I started the Food Confessional, I didn’t know whether anyone would be reading it; I had to imagine that there were people reading and judging, or else it wouldn’t have worked for me.

However, I know how many followers I have on Twitter – many are people I know who do read my tweets.

Tweeting my food diary is effective for me.


3 thoughts on “Diet 2.3

  1. I noticed Simon has joined in as well. I’ll stick to posting to the blog, I think, but I like being able to catch up quickly in the side-bar in case I don’t spot updates in my Twitter feed!

  2. Paola – would you mind taking a picture of that crochet table cover you have on your table for me please? It looks fantastic and I am kind of in the middle of making one, and would like to plan my next one similar to this one. Please? Thanks.

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