Diet 2.3 weigh-in

Posted by Paola

I’m just over two weeks into my new diet and it’s going well. Tweeting my food diary is working for me; I’ve already lost half a stone (8 lbs / 3.6 kg) – but expect to lose 1.5 lbs on average in future, as I did in 2008.

I am eating a lot of vegetables – I have restarted my order of weekly boxes of organic fruit and veg from Abel & Cole.

I have been surprised how easy it has been. Frank set up my food info spreadsheet on a lap-top in the kitchen so that I can calculate calories before I sit down to eat.

I’ve not had any biscuits or cakes and realised that, when I did eat them daily, I wanted them more. I eat a lot of fruit instead and hot chocolate with sweeteners when I fancy something really sweet (which hasn’t been often since the first week).

I’ve only been hungry a couple of times and not eaten, when it was after ten at night.

I look forward to being able to get back into my skirts and dresses!


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