Day 33: dinner

Posted by Paola

Last of the batch of bean stew: passatta, light coconut milk, Quorn chicken pieces, dehydrated tofu, soya beans, red chilli, red onions, red pepper, green beans, peas, garlic, tomatoes, dehydrated tofu with flour dumplings + served with extra virgin olive oil and low-fat yoghurt

+ plum, orange



3 thoughts on “Day 33: dinner

  1. Good. I’m slowly losing weight. I haven’t been hungry except late at night when I try not to succumb and feel self-satisfied instead.

    I’ll do a small blog post about my food choices.

    How’s you?

  2. Running around a lot and trying to keep making sensible choices. It’s difficult: I (re-)lost over 5 kilos this year and I’m just desperate not to let them inch back on.

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