Day 73

Posted by Paola

Salad: carrots, red pepper, red onion, red chilli, sweetcorn, beetroot, sugarsnap peas, radish, cucumber, sultanas, pumpkin seeds, light mozzarella, capers, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, yoghurt, tofu + 3 Crackerbreads with fake butter

+ satsuma, nectarine


Stew: passatta, light coconut milk, soya beans, tofu, red onion, red chilli, aubergine, sweetcorn, walnuts, carrots with flour dumplings + low-fat yoghurt

+ necarine


With gin and tonic. I then got drunk and mixed peanut butter with hazelnut chocolate spread, yoghurt, Custard Creams and pumpkin seeds.


It was sickly towards the end, but I still ate it all, and had an apple to counteract the sweetness.


I then felt sick for a few hours.

Lesson learned: find something else that’s flavourful when drunk.

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