Dr Bernsteins Diet

Posted by Ginni

I was horrified when I weight escalated to 263lbs which led to a multitude of illnesses including chronic fatigue. I am 39 and I don’t want to be like this. I don’t want to turn 40 next year this way so after yo yo dieting for so many years, I finally plucked the courage and confessed that I need help. I went to see my family doctor and then to Dr Bernstein’s clinic.

Its a private clinic and the cost for getting the treatment is not cheap by anyone’s standards. I go to the clinic 3 times a week and receive a B6 and B12 (guardian-angel-vitamin-B6_0) injection in my stomach, for all the sinful things I have eaten in my life! I get weighed in, urine sample checked, BP checked and monitored and diet sheet checked for everything I eat. They are fantastic for the support they give and the results speak for themselves.

I am on a restricted food diet, and am only allowed foods from their list – Alberta Food List March 2012_0 (1).

I have to eat 3 Potassium tablets (twice a day), 1 Swiss 50 Multi Vitamin (Once a day), 2 Calcium and Vitamin D tablets. I must drink 3.75 litres of water every day and stay away from sugar, fat, starch and everything I used to eat ! I must remain in ketosis until I reach my ideal weight, which the doctor has determined should be 112lbs. So this is going to be a long and expensive journey!

My food log for the first day of diet, which semi-started on the same day as the consultation (26 July 2012)

Breakfast – Mocha Protein Shake (Dr B’s product, 100 Cal)

Lunch – Turkey and Salad Sandwich

Dinner – Fish, Broccoli, Lettuce and some Balsamic Vinaigrette.

I was told the next day at the clinic that I must write the exact quantities of what I eat. But luckily, the strict diet started from Day 3.

Its good to be back confessing on the blog again, as the little diary I am writing in doesn’t really speak back to me so it gets a bit boring! I shall start taking photos of what I eat from today, or should I say from Day 17, dinnertime.


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