Day 17: Blueberries are a no-no

Posted by Ginni

Considering the amount of water I drink every day, I am surprised I don’t feel bloated. Luckily my skin is beginning to look fantastic thanks to all the extra hydration!

Breakfast:  Protein Shake

Lunch: 4 Melba toasts, 3oz tuna, 1 tbsp miracle whip (like mayonnaise with a bit of salad cream flavour); 6oz lettuce and peppers Salad

Dinner: 3oz bean sprouts; 6oz mixed veg – mushrooms, onion, lettuce and tomato with balsamic vinegar and lime. 2 melba toasts with 1tsp blueberries relish (homemade- splenda, lemons and blueberries).

I made a mistake and made this relish/jam with blueberries! I can have strawberries, blackberries and raspberries but no blueberries….. fortunately it was only one tsp and the boys can have the rest as they love it.

I also had 1 litre sugar free ice tea, that I made with an Oolong teabag, and 1 cup of dieter’s tea.

I have not had my fruit allowance today.


4 thoughts on “Day 17: Blueberries are a no-no

  1. I’m surprised you’re allowed Miracle Whip as it includes sugar. :-/

    One source lists these ingredients: Water, soybean oil, vinegar, sugar, modified cornstarch, eggs, salt, mustard flour, paprika, spice, natural flavor, dried garlic, potassium sorbate as a perservative and enzyme modified egg yolk

  2. I just checked the food list, and its definitely there as Kraft Miracle Whip Fat Free or Calorie Wise. Once my supply of tuna cans are finished, I am not going to buy any more unless I can figure out a way of eating them differently. I love Tuna and find it hard to eat without mayo and miracle whip.

  3. Oh yes…. fresh lime/lemon juice, dried basil, crushed garlic, pepper and salt make a nice tangy dressing.

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