Day 19: I slipped 2 ozs

Posted by Ginni


Steamed Lentil patty with mushrooms and onions, with 3oz tomatoes. (5oz veg  2oz protein)

I went out after breakfast and it took longer than I had planned for. The strong sun and the heat, drove me nuts and I slipped on 2oz Pomegranate punch from Booster Juice. It was a protein shake and all the fruits were ok, but it had vanilla yogurt which wasn’t allowed. So I only drank a couple of sips, just enough to get me going and gave the rest of the drink to my son when I got home.

Lunch – 

4oz lettuce, 1oz cucumber and 1oz chicken with a tsp of Italian dressing.


Dinner – 

Was tons of water and I ate a chicken patty as I was making them. I thought I would take a picture when I have dinner but I couldn’t eat so no pic.

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