Day 20: Dr says not eating enough

Posted by Ginni

I had my weigh in and my bi-weekly meeting with the Dr today. I didn’t lose as much as I thought I would over the last 3 days.


8tbsp Egg white omelette (spiced up!) and 3oz cherry tomatoes


2 x 1.5oz chicken kebab patties and 5oz mix salad (lettuce, onion, tomato, cucumber, red radish – with lemon juice and spices)


1/2 apple mini chaat (lemon juice, salt, pepper, chaat masala)

6pm Dinner:

3oz salad (red radish, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and a little bit of onion), with 1.5oz tuna mixed with (radish, onions and 1/4th Jalapeno and 1tsp low cal miracle whip and lemon juice) with 4 melba toasts.

We had visitors over for dinner tonight, so my dinner with everyone else at 9pm was:-

6oz salad (cucumber, tomato, radish and lettuce) with 1.5oz tuna (I used cucumber slices as my crackers) and a cup of iced green tea.

The Dr told me to eat more food as by cutting out my fruits, I was missing out on 3 servings of food which I should replace by having more salads. I can’t possibly eat another 18ozs of salad a day, so he said spread out into smaller meals. I ate my last meal even though I wasn’t hungry. I don’t think I can do that everyday but at least its salad and I won’t feel hungry in the middle of the night!


On a different note, whilst I was at the clinic this morning I met with this lady, who has been with Dr B for 9 weeks now and in these 9 weeks she lost 55lbs. I was gobsmacked!  She has another 40lbs to go and she was confident she could lost that in the next 6weeks or so. It was fantastic to meet someone who has gone through this with fantastic results. Very inspiring . . . . .


7 thoughts on “Day 20: Dr says not eating enough

  1. Have you considered turning the fruits you aren’t eating into a smoothie? You could water it down to drink during the day?

    I’m guessing that your dinner guests were interested, impressed and supportive of what you’re doing?

  2. I can’t have fruit, due to the fruit sugars, so I must replace them by veg/salad instead. They kick me out of ketosis …. apparently its like that with some people, so I have to make sure I don’t eat 3 portions of fruit – 1 is ok, as long as it is during the day and not after 4pm.

    I had a couple of friends over for dinner, and they are supportive of my diet and since they only ate low carb foods it worked out very well.

  3. V8 is not allowed on the list, and juices are off limits altogether. I don’t mind the salads, just not 32ozs of it !!

  4. Yes, the liquid form is off limits.
    Chaat masala – you can get this ready made – next time you go to Wexham Road shops, they have them. The best brand is called MDH and they do the best Chaat Masala. Its perfect for all salads, fruits etc….yum!

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