Day 21: Bad day!

Posted by Ginni

My day didn’t start off very well, as I went to the clinic in the morning and they couldn’t give me any treatment as my blood results hadn’t come in!

Breakfast:   Protein Shake


3oz chicken and shrimp, 4oz salad – lettuce, tomato, cucumber, radishes with 1 tbsp Italian dressing


6oz – Lettuce, cucumber and mushrooms with some Italian dressing and lemon juice

1/2 a Quesadilla made with 1/2 tortilla, 1 low fat cheese slice and chicken slice

After dinner, I cheated and ate 1/2 slice of chocolate cake.  Anything and everything went wrong for me today and I slipped. I tried to make myself feel better that I am entitled to cheat as I was having a bad day, but the truth is I really wanted to have a slice of that cake. I feel better having put this in writing!!

I felt so guilty that I had an extra mug of dieters tea and then spent the night running to the washroom ….point is, I learnt a lesson. I have been good on this diet and I shouldn’t slip. The cake didn’t even taste ‘all that good’ and I didn’t enjoy it as I was busy feeling guilty about what I was doing. Its the evil voice at the back of my head that took control over my senses………


2 thoughts on “Day 21: Bad day!

  1. So how do you control the devilish temptations voice? I hate it, and I know its wrong yet …… *sigh* I need to back at Dr Bs!!

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