Day 25: Tuesday is a good day

Posted by Ginni


Protein shake and 1/4 cantaloupe



6oz salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber) with 2 chicken vegetable patties that I made yesterday with a cup of dieters tea



The photograph didn’t turn out too good, but I had a small bowl of tomato salad with a couple of broken melba toast pieces as croutons.



Tofu tikka kebabs with Lettuce and Indian salad (tomato, cucumber, red radish, red onion, lots of lime juice, black pepper, salt, coriander powder and chaat masala) and some mint chutney (home made) that I added after I took the photo.

The boys ate the kebabs thinking they were paneer tikka kebabs :)


Today’s cheat:

My cheat today was taking a bite of pancake from my husband’s breakfast. I am going to admit to each and every little cheat on a daily basis as I don’t think its fair I should burden myself with guilt!  I need to love myself more than that :)


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