Day 29: Not a bad Saturday

Posted by Ginni

I have been dreading weekends on this diet, and I tend fall off the wagon over the weekend if I am not careful.

Breakfast:  Protein shake

Lunch:  6oz lettuce and 3 slices of meat free chicken slices that I crisped up on the griddle. I added some hot sauce to this.


Snack:  6 melba toasts with 3 low fat cheese slices

Early Dinner at 4pm, as was hungry:

6oz broccoli slaw mix that I lightly stir fried with PAM spray. It does have a few strands of carrots but I could not find it without carrots and I couldn’t face lettuce in this cold. 3oz Pollock fish baked with 2 tsps of Italian dressing and I added some hot sauce to this too after a bite or two.


At the time of writing this post at 9pm, I am not hungry but if I do get hungry at some point in the night I shall have a protein shake (100 cals).



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