Day 27: Trying to meet the goal

Posted by Ginni

We started the morning by going for a 30 mins walk by the river, and ended the day with a 30 min walk down our road, after dinner.  The thunderstorm scared us back home in the evening, otherwise we were hoping to do a little bit more.

Also, am starting to eat in small plates only again. Paola’s idea of eating in small plates really works for me.

Breakfast:  Protein shake and 1/4 cantaloupe


4oz Lettuce, tomato, cucumber salad; 4 patties (1.5 oz chicken, courgettes and cabbage) 


Second helping of 1/2 wrap, 2 fish fingers, 1 slice cheese and some lettuce with a little miracle whip and hot sauce. This was more for my eyes than my tummy, as I could not eat the whole wrap and had to stop less than half way into it.


Late afternoon snack: 

6 Melba toasts with 4 chicken breast slices and 2 cheese slices and a tsp of miracle whip


A quick hot and sour kind of soup – 1oz chicken, 1oz Shirataki noodles (tofu noodles) soy sauce, vinegar, sriracha sauce and a tsp of corn starch (not on the allowed list but the soup really needed it).


Todays cheat: 

I didn’t cheat today, as my cheat was going to be eating half the wrap and I photographed it and showed it as part of my meal, so don’t feel like it was a cheat anymore. The monthlies have begun today, finally and my craving for food should now calm down. (I hope!)

Was exhausted after the two walks today, but slept really well. Wonder how weigh in will go tomorrow…..


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