Day 90

Posted by Paola

Salad: meat-free hotdogs, feta cheese, sugarsnap peas, cucumber, carrot, red pepper, red onion, beetroot, chilli, pumpkin seeds, sultanas, lemon juice, olive oil, low-fat yoghurt + grated mozzarella + basmati rice

+ nectarine


Stew: passatta, light coconut milk, red onion, red pepper, garlic, carrot, mangetout, sweetcorn, lentils, walnuts, flour dumplings with low-fat yoghurt + basmati rice, dehydrated tofu

+ orange


Binge dessert: low-fat yoghurt, chocolate hazelnut spread, peanut butter, two Custard Creams, pumpkin seeds


Dehydrated tofu, two oranges and whisky with ginger beer, hoping to get rid of back pain after stupidly staying up till 4am the night before.


Drunken popcorn with salt


Shortly after finishing this, I barfed most of the evening’s food.

And so endeth my confession today.


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