Day 174: fasting abandoned

Posted by Paola

I decided at the weekend that alternate day fasting wasn’t working for me as I was eating too much on the non-fast days to lose weight at any noticeable rate.

I need to do a food shop as I have very little fresh food at home. I’ve decided to plan a range of hot/cold sweet/savoury dishes at a range of calories so that I can mix and match with minimum calorie-counting.

I’m at a 3-day conference so will have to work this out at the weekend.


Cheese, onion, chilli and sweetcorn relish sandwich with mayo + cassava crisps


+ Muller Corner Crunch yoghurt


Noodles, ginger, garlic, onion, chilli, light coconut milk, vinegar, peanut butter, Quorn, peas


Port + snack bar



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