Whoops Thursday

Posted by Paola

The day started off well.

Cottage cheese and Quorn ham salad sandwich + cassava crisps + fruit



I then made sweet and sour pork for Frank. I make a lot so that I can divide and freeze portions.

I don’t know what it is about the recipe but I always make some mistake with the quantities. This time I added twice as much water to the batter. I topped up with more flour and a second egg.

While frying the battered pork, I already knew I was going to have the other half of the batter, even though I know that flour is the most calorific carb.

I added two veg hotdogs and sweetcorn. I poured it into the frying pan. I knew I should have just had a quarter with a big green salad and left or chucked the rest.

However, there’s that moment of irrational “oh, go on, why not, just do it” and I emptied the pan onto a dinner plate. I added dill pickles and sweet chilli sauce.


I was really full afterwards. Not content with that, I then had an unweighed bowl of frozen berries with lots of port, yoghurt and a sprinkling of real sugar.


I didn’t weigh any of the dinner things and so I am guessing at quantities. I expect that the batter thing was a lot more.



Oh, and I had a few of Frank’s nuts when I went to get my night’s drink. :-/


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