Fishy Friday – a vegetarian no more

Posted by Paola

This evening I stopped being a vegetarian. I didn’t plan it for today but I have been thinking about it for a long while. (I blame my friendly and skilful local butchers.)

I liked meat when I gave it up 28 years ago and have always missed it. I gave up meat (and fish) because I don’t need to eat beings that have emotions and thoughts to survive.

I have found it a struggle to get enough protein on a restricted-calorie diet. I’ll be concentrating on fish initially as a low-calorie source of protein as an alternative to cheese and pulses.

Cottage cheese and Quorn ham salad sandwich + cassava crisps + fruit



Warmed berries with yoghurt and a Custard Cream



This is when I decided to eat the mackerel kedgeree made for Frank that was left over from two days ago rather than throw it away. Measurements guessed.



Mixed nuts. I really shouldn’t.



4 thoughts on “Fishy Friday – a vegetarian no more

  1. 28 years? Wow, what was it like? I think I’d have started with something a bit more exciting than Frank’s leftovers ;)

  2. Well, not as tasty as I thought it would be.

    The first day I found a blog by a 20something who’d been raised vegetarian but had just decided to eat meat. She said she found things disappointingly bland. A commenter pointed out that flavourings are much stronger than the real thing. So my fake meat, fake fish will have more favour. I’ve been warned.

    So far I’ve had salmon paste (originally bought for snacks for Frank), tuna and a taste of haddock.

    I’ve been more hungry between meals eating fish protein than before. So much for my theory that it’d be easier to diet with fish.

    I’m going to eat meat discerning, going for quality rather than a cheap burger (although a Big Mac will be the exception). I’m looking forward to liver. I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to slice into a piece of flesh and eat it. I don’t want to be one of those squeamish hypocritical omnivores. I’d always said that if one is going to eat meat, nothing is off limits if it’s tasty.

    It’s an interesting journey. I don’t know where I will end up.

  3. Wow…. I didn’t see this one coming at all ! I must admit I love vegetarian food as it tastes a lot more flavourful but then I start missing something. You’ve done fantastic staying off it for 28 years….. Wow! Now you can try out recipes from my book!! Good luck on this new journey x

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